Shimmering Sheik Necklace

Swarovski Crystals:

Beads #5000 8 pcs 6mm Yellow Opal (231)

Flat Backs #2088 1 pc ss34 Yellow Opal F (231)

Flat Backs #2088 8 pcs ss20 Citrine Shimmer F (249shim)

Flat Backs #2088 8 pcs ss40 Hyacinth-Shimmer F (236shim)


1 Toggle Clasp

Brass Cable Chain 6x4mm

3 Hot Pink 1" Tassels

8" 20gauge wire

3 Small jump rings

1 Kabela Floral Flat Filigree

Two Part Epoxy Glue


Step 1: Using one 2088 ss34 Yellow Opal glue to center of Filigree. Then glue the 8 2088 ss20 Citrine Shimmer on the inner circle of the Filigree. Then glue the 8 2088 ss40 Hyacinth Shimmer on the outer circle of the Filigree. Let cure for 24 hrs.

Step 2: Cut the Artistic Wire into 8 1' pieces. Using one piece of wire make a simple loop, slide on one 5000 6mm Yellow Opal and make a simple loop to close. Repeat 7 more times and set aside.

Step 3: Cut the cable chain into 10 2" pieces and set aside

Step 4: Attach one piece of chain to the top point on the Filigree from the first step. Then attach one Yellow Opal component made in Step 2. Repeat 4x ending with Chain. Attach one end of the clasp. Repeat for second side of necklace.

Step 5: At the bottom of the Filigree find the center point and add on one tassel. Add one more either side of the original point of the Filigree.

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